First Division transfer market

Sep 28, 2020 | First Division


With the new season of professional women’s soccer ahead, the teams that make up the championship began planning and assembling their rosters. El Femenino tell you, one by one, the new signings, renewals and national and international transfers.

Report in progress.

Boca Juniors

The Gladiators of Christian Meloni were first at the time of the suspension of the tournament due to the pandemic for which they were appointed as the Argentine representatives to play again the Copa Conmebol Libertadores. The continental contest is scheduled for January 2021.

In: Miriam Mayorga (UAI Urquiza)

Out: Julieta Gergo, Ludmila Manicler.


Defensores de Belgrano

The transition period to the new facilities in the Núñez’s team was not an easy one for the ex-UBA footballers. The Dragons finished 14th in the table and will need a serious improvement to escape the relegation spots to the second level of women’s soccer.


Out: Fanny Papariello (Puerto Nuevo), Laura Ghiglione Laura y Rocio Morales.

Re-signed: Cecilia Ierrobino, Juana Alvarez, Nicole Álvarez, Cecilia Acevedo, Maira Quintilli, Stefania Forgoso Magali Benitez y Amanda Da Silva.

El Porvenir

To escape the ghosts of relegation, El Porvenir will need to drastically change his fortune in the contest after having harvested only 5 points of the 45 at stake.

In: Francesca Agustín, Karina Merlo (Racing), Eliana Camacho y Laura Dobry.



Estudiantes de La Plata

The return of Pablo Pastor to the bench supposes to be one of the most important factors for the club to be able to surpass its mid-table rivals in the next season.

In: Victoria Bedini, Johanna Galliotti, Magdalena Alberti (Villa San Carlos).

Out: Lucila Barreto, Maira Luque.

Re-signed: Micaela Sandoval, Leticia Reichman, Grisel Yanacon, Evangelina Alfano, Antonella Guarracino, Julieta Lema.


Destined to play in the permanence zone before the tournament’s suspension, the Villains closed their participation adding three wins and two draws in their 15 games played.

In: Analía Almeida.

Out: Florencia D’andrea, Candelaria D’andrea y Johanna Chamorro.

Re-signed: Anahí Martiarena, Belén Ruiz Montenegro, Ludmila Garzón, Verónica Amarillo, Viviana Paz, Yohana Rimas, Mariángeles Díaz y Abigail Scarafiocca.

Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata

The departures of coach Mauro Cordoba seems to be the only change in a team that finish above expectations, placing 8th in the league, and renewed the contracts of all the professional players in the club.

In: Camila Uzqueda (UAI Urquiza), Paulina Tévez (Villa San Carlos) Natasha Serqueira (Citta Di Capena- Italia), Maylus Gissi (Independiente)

Out: Ailín Franzante, Daiana Chiclana.

Re-signed: Milagros Oliver, Lucía Guiñazú, Agustina Maturano, Mercedes Carlini, Florencia Sánchez, Julieta Blanco, Milagros Díaz, Claudia Roldán, Marilyn Esquivel, Pilar Reina, Abril Reche, Juana Bilos, Valentina Rando, Belén Mariño.


Maintaining the team’s foundation seems to be the priority in Parque Patricios as the team announced the extensions of its eight professional contracts. The modifications to the squad will come from the changes in the coaching staff after the team hasn’t renew the deals with former trainers Juliana Lozano y Enriqueta Tato.



Re-signed: Silvana Peralta, Tiziana Hartivig, Aylén Montiel, Georgina Sánchez, Daiana Miño, Lara García, Jennifer Serrano y Melina Arce.


Positioning itself as the best of the rest, the Diego Rios’s side must bet on maintaining the key pieces of their squad structure and add a few smart pieces to make the next leap in quality.

In: Luz Perlini (Estudiantes), Lola Ortega (Brandsen), Victoria Maugeri (Liga Platense).

Out: Mayliss Gissi, Noelia Pianovi, Sofía Bazterrica, Sofía Retamales, Fernanda Grecco, Brisa Campos, Lucía Solís, Analía Cañete, Camila Barrios Baccaro, Carolina Morcillo, Agustina Dore.

Re-signed: Florencia Mercau, Laura Sampedro, Celeste Dos Santos, Selene Bazquez, Yanina Valenzuela, Melani Moran, Gisela Alvez, Bianca Mihdi.


If not for the coronavirus, the Granates had a great chance to claim the last place of qualification to the green zone by beating Estudiantes and Rosario Central in the standings.


Out: Magalí Molina (River Plate), Brenda Molinas (River Plate), Mayra Gauna.

Re-signed: Lucía Taborda.


Being the best team from the bottom of the barrel, the coaching staff, made up by Miguel Barbosa and Leandro Belfi, will aim to take the next step and fight for qualification to the Championship Phase.

In: Florencia Fuster (Club Deportivo y Social Lux, Santa Fe), Antonella Aquino (Lanús), Magalí Videla (Camioneros).

Out: Gabriela Ceña, Gabriela Gómez, Maira Pájaro, Melina Bentancor, Julieta Palopoli y Guadalupe Botella.

Re-signed: Camila Besse, Camila Leites, Ludmila Martínez, Candela Luna, Estefania Laxagueborde, Luz Hernández.

Racing Club

A disappointing season at Avellaneda seems to bring a lot of profound changes in the squad led by Antonio Spinelli.

In: Florencia Gaetan (Villa San Carlos), Aldana Narvaéz (Social Lux, Rosario), Rocío Bueno (UAI Urquiza), Yanina Sosa (Belgrano, Córdoba) y Paloma Faggiano (Gimnasia y Esgrima y Pedernera Unidos, San Luis).

Out: Milagros Menéndez (Granada, España), Belén Spenig (UD Collerense, España), Johanna Gallioti, Débora Erra, Jazmín Di Leonardo, Celeste Barbitta, Mariana Laviña, Victoria Bedini, Johanna Galliotti, Rocio Iuzzolino, Karina Merlo (El Porvenir).

Re-signed: Florencia Romero, Rocío Díaz y Natalie Juncos for the next 18 months. Milagros Otazú, Eugenia Nardone y Luciana Bacci signed their contracts for the net two and a half years.

River Plate

In order to be able to lift a trophy that has been elusive to the team since the 2016/17 season, Daniel Reyes and his team will try to recover the rhythm found at the end of the last campaign in which they comfortably beat UAI Urquiza (4-1), Gimnasia (4-0), and Lanús (3-0).

In: Brenda Molinas (Lanús), Elen Leroyer, Magalí Molina (Lanús), Sofía Florentin y Victoria Costa (Rayo Vallecano, España).

Out: Nicole Hain.

Re-signed: Florencia Chiribelo, Melina Melipil, Bettiana Sonetti, Daniela Mereles, Giuliana Gonzáles, Camila Bravo, Stephanie Melgarejo, Daiana Leguizamón, Andrea López, Melina Moreno, Agustina Vargas, Justina Morcillo, Florencia Fernández, Vanesa Penuna, Jordan O’Brien, Mercedes Pereyra, Martina Del Trecco, Lucía Martelli, Lourdes Lezcano, Carolina Birizamberri.

Rosario Central

Going from dominating the regional competitions to fighting for the last qualifying place for the Championship Zone, Roxana Vallejos and her players will be waiting to revalidate the abilities for which they were invited to the argentine top-flight.



Re-signed: Camila Bellavía, Nadia Capó, Cecilia Centurión, Romina Escalada y Paula Salguero.

San Lorenzo

Being another of the teams to renew all of their professional contracts, the Santitas, and their coach Matias Giugno, will keep the same team that finished 3rd in the 2019/20 season.

In: Naila Imbachi (futsal), Camila Ranua (Villa San Carlos), Abigail Chaves (Boca), Nicole Hain (River), Alicia Bobadilla (Libertad, Paraguay).

Out: Ariana Álvarez (UAI Urquiza), Vanina Correa (Espanyol- ESP).

Re-signed: Eliana Medina, Sindy Ramírez, Federica Silvera, Cecilia López, Débora Molina, Maricel Pereyra, Milagros Vargas, Rocío Correa, Lavinia Antequera, Vanina Preininger, Florencia Coronel, Rocío Vázquez, Florencia Salazar, Macarena Sánchez.


Being far and away of matching the efforts and results of his colleagues in the promotion to the first division, SAT will need to add talent if it doesn’t want to settle for belonging to the bottom of the table.

In: Gabriela Silva (Argentinos Jrs.).

Out: Isolina Barrios, Yesica Freiria y Johana Laumman.


UAI Urquiza

Always candidates in the title’s race, UAI Urquiza will seek to reinforce a squad in search of its first crown in the professional era after taking the las two amateur tournaments.

In: Ariana Álvarez (San Lorenzo), Tamara Hardie (Juventud Unida, Tandil), Alma Tulez (Villa San Carlos).

Out: Adriana Sachs (UD Collerense, España), Dalila Ippolito (Juventus, Italia) , Solana Pereyra (UD Tacuense, España), Sofía Schell (Córdoba), Rocio Bueno (Racing), Karen Vénica, Camila Uzqueda (Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata), Mariana Larroquette (Lyn Fotball Damer, Noruega), Miriam Mayorga (Boca Juniors).


Villa San Carlos

The early termination of the league and the repeal of the relegation’s spots ended up being the life jackets for a season that was going overboard. Berisso’s club only amassed 4 point in 15 games and finish bottom of the table at the end of the regular season.

In: Ludmila Angeli (ADIP).

Out: Agustina Aguilera, Leila Encina, Magalí González, Agustina Matas, Agustina Plazzotta, Ariana Alcober, Paula Montes de Oca, Justina Cattoni, Brisa Jara, Magdalena Alberti (Estudiantes LP), Alma Tulez (UAI Urquiza), Camila Ranua (San Lorenzo), Florencia Gaitán (Racing Club) y Paulina Tévez (Gimnasia LP).

Re-signed: Yanina Miñana, Pilar Montiel, Ludmila Angeli, Solange Benítez, Analía Castro, Leonela Miranda, Lucía Morzilli y Brisa Viscussi.




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